Professional Woodworm Treatment in Northern Ireland

What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is the term for several wood boring insects that lay their eggs on or in timber, and the larvae feed upon the cellulose in the wood. This leaves a network of tunnels that damages and weakens the structure. When mature, the adult beetles bore out through the surface of the wood leaving a round hole.

Radication Ltd operates the most up to date treatment for eradication of woodworm beetles. We use the latest environmentally friendly, water-based microemulsion Insecticide which has a low odour and is non-flammable.

Radication Ltd

Woodworm Treatment

Radication Ltd treating woodworm

Woodworm Treatment

The Treatment Process

If you suspect you have woodworm, call Radication Ltd to arrange a professional survey to find out the extent of the problem. Our professional team will find the woodworm and the activity level of the infestation. For a thorough woodworm treatment, it may be necessary to lift your floorboards to gain access to roof voids. After the surveyor has visited your property, you will be given a detailed report giving an estimate of the cost of repair and full treatment process.

Our skilled technicians carry out work with as little disturbance to your property as possible. All chemicals in the eradication of woodworm kill the timber pests already active in the wood and penetrate the surface of the wood, preserving it from further attack.

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