Masonry Waterproofing Services in Northern Ireland

How do we waterproof your masonry?

Applying an external coat of our waterproof chemical to your masonry is a method the skilled team at Radication Ltd use as an effective way of preventing damp in your property. This will still allow your brickwork to ‘breathe,’ repelling water rather than trapping it inside. It is a good solution to keep out external water sources such as rain, but won’t help rising damp from groundwater.

The active ingredient of our waterproofing masonry chemical is a specialised silicone created by the experts at Radication Ltd in Northern Ireland. It complies with the application requirements set out in the British Standard 3826, Part 1 – Silicone based water repellents for waterproofing masonry.


Waterproofing Masonry


Waterproofing Masonry

Our Treatment Process

When liberally applied by low-pressure spray to the dry porous surface of masonry, the chemical will render it fully water-repellent once the solvent has evaporated. No intermediate curing or ageing is required and a second or third application is usually recommended.

This treatment renders a surface water-repellent but does not seal it so a treated surface will still allow the passage of air and water vapour. It will not prevent the penetration of water at pressures more than about 20lbs per square inch. Penetration of water will rely on the porosity of the stone or brick of your building. The application of this solution causes little change in the colour of the surface treated so you can rest assured that your property will not be damaged.

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