Expert Wet and Dry Rot Treatment Throughout Northern Ireland

What is Dry and Wet Rot?

Wet rot and dry rot are the most dangerous causes of damage to timber in your property. With our extensive experience, Radication Ltd understands how rot can rapidly spread turning sound wood into worthless pulp. Dry rot is often found in hidden voids such as underfloor, stairs and roof trusses as it likes warm, damp and unventilated areas.

Our fully qualified surveyors and trained technicians work in conjunction with your builder, giving detailed instructions and advice as required. Whether you need dry rot treatment or wet rot treatment, we have the expertise to fix problems of any size in your home or business in Northern Ireland.

Rot damage

Wet Rot

Rot example

Wet Rot

The Dry and Wet Rot Treatment Process

At Radication Ltd, we specialise in the detection and eradication of all timber rotting fungal infestations. When dealing with an infestation of dry or wet rot, it is essential that the initial cause of the infestation is discovered and dealt with. The remaining brickwork and timbers will be thoroughly treated by our expert team. If you have a new build property, we recommend that all new building materials must be treated with a fungicidal chemical before reinstatement. We manufacture our own fungicidal fluid which is made up of fully approved environmentally friendly chemicals.

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