Professional Condensation Control For Buildings Across Northern Ireland

What is Condensation?

As a long-established company, Radication Ltd understands how condensation control is needed to keep damp problems at bay. Condensation occurs when warm damp air encounters cooler air or a colder surface such as a window in your property. Air contains water vapour, and warm air will hold more moisture than cold air. When moist air meets colder air or a colder surface, the moisture is released in the air which forms droplets condensing on the surface of the walls leading you to experience damp and condensation problems.

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Condensation in home


Treatment and Prevention

Radication Ltd offers a quality condensation control service across Northern Ireland, allowing your condensation problems to be eradicated. Many buildings get some form of condensation as they are not well enough ventilated. If you have a condensation problem, you can contact our professional team, and we will be happy to advise you on the steps needed and how to treat it.

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